The Twelve Films Project

At the end of 2010, Christian Remde purchased a Canon 7D camera. Now that he owned this amazing piece of photographic and filmmaking equipment, his next question was, “How best to utilize it?”. On December 31st, 2010, he sat down and made an annual New Year’s resolutions and, near the top of the list, was a resolution to make one film a month using his new camera. The films will range in length and ambition, but the goal is to make them engaging, cohesive and, at the very least, watchable.

He can’t promise that they’re going to be good. He can’t promise that you’ll like every one of them. But what he can promise is that, by the end of 2011, there will be Twelve Films on this page for you to see. His ultimate goal is to become a better filmmaker and storyteller and to share his experiences with anyone looking to do the same.

Here is the list of 12 movies planned :

Twelve Films :

January – Flying South: 

Flying South, was the first film planned. The audio was distractingly bad and lack of camera knowledge led low quality in filmmaking.  Still, it was the first film and holds a very special place. The film started a trend within the narratives in the series…the conversation film.

February – Thirty Years

The second film he decided to make was “Thirty Years”. Things started getting better as he decided to increase the production value and test more gear. It also SOUNDS a lot better due to renting better mics.

He had directed more narrative than anything else and was living in my comfort zone a bit while he got better at filmmaking technically.

March – Stars Fall

After making 2 narrative films, he wanted to do something different and he decided to make a music video. As it turned out, they had a lot of fun while making this movie.

They tried to speed up the song and the frame rate of the camera so that, when everything was slowed down, it would have a dreamy quality to it.

April – 360

Christian Remde was inspired by Philip Bloom’s “mood pieces” and he decided to do something similar and chose the 360 Bridge in Austin as the subject to make his fourth film.

The music was great and the shooting was challenging but fun.

May – Farm to Trailer

Christian Remde always like short documentaries and therefore, he decided to make a short documentary in May. When he started thinking about ideas, the “farm to table” came to his mind.

Shooting for this documentary was fun and taught the complete team a lot. As a result, Farm to Trailer was accepted into the Sedona International Film Festival which was great motivation booster for him.

June – Heist-Off!

It was a goofy little film which did not turn out well as they planned. Looking at it against the other films in the project, it was pretty awful, but looking at it for what it is, it was actually not that bad too.

July – Charcuterie

This was his second documentary, and he decided to focus on something that was near and dear to his heart. The Kocurek’s had been on his radar since he moved to Austin, only because they make some of the finest charcuterie.

He got in touch with them and they agreed to be a part of the documentary. Learning from his mistakes, he spent a lot of time in their kitchen, shooting them making their charcuterie.

August – The Cathedral of Junk

He knew of the Cathedral and had thought about doing that for the June film. He got in touch with Vince Hannemann, who owns the Cathedral, and he was open to having me come out and shoot.

He decided to go early in August to Austin. The film was shot and edited pretty quickly and it was one of his favorite films.

September – Layover

The idea for this came while he was directing a web spot for a cell phone that never made it to the market. He decided to go back and shoot a short film out at the airport. The shoot went well and because we were shooting with two 7D’s, we were able to get a lot of angles in a short amount of time.

This was a narrative piece that he is most proud of in the 12 Films.

October – Instant Lovers

The most fun they had shooting any of the 12 Films. Christian Remde was introduced to Deano by David Barrow of Applebox Imaging, and he sent him his upcoming album. When he heard Instant Lovers, he deiced to use it as a track for his video.

November – Local

He originally started with an idea of creating a documentary about farming. But in due course of time, he learned a lot about local food and decided to expand the scope of the project to include not just farms but also people who supported the farms.

“Local” was probably the hardest of all the 12 Films, mostly because it was the only film that took up the majority of the month.

December – SB 81

He read an article by Melanie Haupt that caught his eye and he decided to make SB 81. SB 81 is not his best work.  The doc is fine, but by the end, he was just exhausted and didn’t just had the time or energy to really knock it off.


Christian Remde hoped that if someone watches his all 12 films then they see a progression in quality. This 12 films project was fun and a great learning experience for him. He has now moved to bigger projects but none of them would have been possible without the learning from these projects.